A Step-by-Step Guide

Whether you're a seasoned director or it's your first time putting on a show, this guide will lead you through the licensing process.


Find the show that's right for you.

After you have time to review the site choose the version that best suits your students. The Lion King Experience: JR. Edition is designed for middle school students and The Lion King Experience: KIDS Edition is designed for elementary school students.

You're ready to license a show!

Licensing is the process of acquiring the performance rights to a show. A license is legally required to produce The Lion King Experience.


Create an MTI account.

Before you can apply for a license, you will need to set up an official account with Music Theatre International. This process requires a little bit of paperwork and may take a few days, so you should consider creating your account as soon as you start thinking about producing a show.


Why license a show?

  • It’s the only way to legally perform a copyrighted Disney musical, and ensures your group does not violate the Federal Copyright Law.
  • A license provides you with all necessary ShowKit™ and Curriculum Materials to facilitate The Lion King Experience.

Request a show license.

You've picked the Edition; you've created your MTI account - now its time to request your license. Click below to get started on the MTI website. You can request your license here:

What is Music Theatre International?

Music Theatre International (or MTI) is the dramatic licensing agency through which Disney licenses the performances rights to our musicals. Once you begin the licensing process, MTI will be your go-to source for information and assistance.


Sign your license and pay any fees.

MTI will send you a license after you submit your application. Sign the license and send it back to MTI with any required licensing fees.

MTI will then send you ShowKit™ materials and an email to activate your account on

Now it's time to put on the show!

If you have any questions during the process, we encourage you to contact an MTI representative who will be happy to help. Break a leg!

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