The Lion King Experience is a rigorous and immersive curriculum that will challenge your students both academically and artistically. The sessions explore a variety of theatrical skills and fulfill many of the Common Core State Standards, which have been adopted by most states.

Many states and districts also have requirements for arts instruction. These sessions fulfill many of the standards set forth in the National Core Arts Standards in which students create, perform, respond, and connect using theater, dance, music, or visual art. The charts below detail the various standards explored through each session in The Lion King Experience.


Common Core State Standards

This chart reflects the English Language Arts College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Speaking & Listening, Writing, Reading, and Language. We have provided you with the anchor standards that are met in each session without grade specific notation.

National Core Arts Standards

These charts include Theater, Dance, Visual Art, and Music. The charts reflect the standards met within each of the strands of the Anchor Standards. The provided Pre and Post Teacher Rubric aligns with these standards.

National Standards for Music Education

This chart reflects the standards created by the National Association for Music Education.

Skills Tracking

Through The Lion King Experience, your students will explore a variety of theater skills. This chart tracks the various skills your students employ or develop for each of the sessions and can be used to prepare your space and materials for teaching. Additionally, you can share this information with your administration, parents, or students so that everyone’s aware of the exciting work underway. The information here reflects the skills addressed in the Group Activity, Pride Work, Share, and Reflection. Music and movement are a part of each session's Opening Ritual or Warm-Up, and writing is a part of most Pride Journal assignments. In addition to these theater skills, The Lion King Experience provides constant opportunities for students to explore and develop 21st Century Skills. In each session, your students will use and nurture: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity skills. Both the Pride Work Teacher Rubric and the Pride Work Student Checklist are optional assessment tools to track your students' use of the many theater and 21st Century Skills explored over the duration of The Lion King Experience.

United Kingdom & Ireland/Éire Curriculum Links

The Lion King Experience provides cross-curricular support in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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